Staying in a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and vision, there are several homes that you can rent by the night.  If you have no idea who Frank Lloyd Wright is click here :-).  Most homes rent for a two night minimum.  There are even more buildings that you can tour.  One in Wisconsin is just open to open for public tours this spring:  the SC Johnson Building.  Some say it's one of the USA's most important examples of cantilevered architecture. The first floor looks like a tree trunk, Read more [...]

How Can You Travel So Much?

The reason I post so much travel pics is because... it's a passion, folks!  Some people post their photographs or cross fit competitions or fave quotes or items that they've made and it's usually pretty interesting!  I love travel so I write a lot about it! Makes sense, I hope! Travel doesn't have to be a far off destination or for one or two weeks - it can be right in your own town.  One of my friends told me last month that her best friend who is very well traveled and lives in Toronto had never Read more [...]

Let’s Go To Hawaii!

Just came back from a 7 day trip to Hawaii!  We explored the island by car but didn't do absolutely everything I wanted to in Oahu but we did what we could! ;-) I booked the flights through  It took me hours, maybe even days, and searches on several websites.  I finally found return flights from Toronto to Honolulu for $701 via Los Angeles on the way there and Denver on the way back.  I found a website with a calendar and picked the two days in March that were the cheapest flying Read more [...]

The Importance of Amenities When Booking a Hotel or Resort

We have taken two little weekend vacations to resorts "up north" in the last month.  The first one was at Blue Water Acres Resort in Huntsville. We booked a cottage for five with a kitchen. We were provided free tubes to go tubing on a hill right on the property.  The hill also had lights so you could go at night if you wanted to.  Next to that was a skating rink with nets for playing hockey and a lit fire pit beside it.  We all brought our skates and had the rink to ourselves.  Indoor amenities Read more [...]

5 Ways to Not Annoy People when Price Matching at the Grocery Store

A few weeks ago I saved $20 for around two minutes of checking out a flyer at home and another two minutes at the store.  I bought four bottles of Taster's Choice coffee at $3 off,  This is the only kind of instant coffee my husband likes, well, and Starbucks instant.  (He's pretty specific on brands, while I'm not, except for cereal!)  I also bought eight Michelina frozen dinners for $1 off.  This is the easiest money ever made/saved.  Here's what I do when price matching: 1) I only bring Read more [...]

Our 4 Day Trip to St. Thomas, USVI

My husband and I just came back from a trip to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands that we took from January 12-15.  Yes, you are reading that right... a 3 night, 4 day trip.  I found a website, CheapCaribbean, that has so many flexible travel options for taking trips to various destinations for a wide variety of time frames.  With the Christmas bills coming in, we decided on a budget of about $1500-$1600 plus incidentals like travel insurance, taxis, spending money, etc.  I clicked through various Read more [...]

What is the Best Way to Financial Freedom?

Last week I wrote an article here about how my husband and I made some good financial decisions in our twenties that were a part of what helped us out in our thirties and beyond. Trends show that people are marrying later and having kids later.  Is this you?  If it's not, there's nothing wrong with that!  There are many ways to live your life, achieve your goals and there is no one right way to do it. Three blogs that I read on a regular basis discuss financial freedom in different ways: Mr. Read more [...]

How Our First House Helped Us Save Money For the Future

This was what our first house looked like that we bought in 1997 for just under $130,000.  My husband and I were in our mid to late twenties.  This house was a little over 1000 square feet, built in 1912 and had two bedrooms and one bathroom.  How you live in your twenties can be a big factor as to how your future will look like. Some singles or couples live in fancy condos with expensive condo fees or huge houses with many bedrooms and bathrooms plus a double car garage. We were just trying to Read more [...]

The Zipper Situation

I subscribe to many newsletters, retails stores, blogs and inspirational sites.  These e-mails come right to my inbox about various topics I'm interested in.  One of them is The Secret.  A couple of days ago one of Rhonda Byrne's messages appeared in my in box. A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne Creator of The Secret From The Secret Daily Teachings WALLACE WATTLES (1860-1911) The Science of Getting Rich  "Give every person more in use value than you take from them in cash Read more [...]

Top 3 Travel Plans for 2014

Traveling seems to have been a big part of our life in the past few years.  We have taken family trips to Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New York City, Florida and Myrtle Beach plus our annual cottage rental and some weekend getaways at Blue Mountain plus some hotel stays for sports tournaments.  My husband and I also went on a trip to Redondo Beach and Malibu, California. Here are the plans so far: 1.  Go somewhere tropical while it's winter here.  We're going to St. Thomas, USVI!  I found Read more [...]